Ironwood Stockman Knife

Ironwood Stockman Knife

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Custom Ironwood handle. The Stockman’s All Around Blade designed by Cactus Hill Creation has a flat grind and satin finish. It is quite possibly the only blade you will ever need to carry! This multi-use knife blade is made of premium D-2 steel and is meant to be carried as a belt or boot knife. It was originally designed to cover a variety of uses for the stockman, hunter and fisherman.


  • Unique 6mm square hole on the rear of the handle allows for attaching a lanyard or for removing aluminum hubs from syringes when vaccinating or doctoring livestock.

With its premium materials and thoughtful design, this multi-use knife blade is built to handle any task effortlessly. Whether you’re out in the wilderness or completing daily chores, this blade will become your trusty companion, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way. 


  • Overall length: 6 1/4"
  • Sharpened Blade Length: 2 3/8 inch cutting blade
  • Blade Width: At point: 11/16 inch At Butt: 3⁄4 inch
  • Blade thickness: 1/8 thick
  • Lanyard hole: 1⁄4 inch
  • Other: 6mm x 6mm square cutout