Unakite Jasper Bullet Necklace
Unakite Jasper Bullet Necklace

Unakite Jasper Bullet Necklace

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Men's/Ladies carved Nebraska Unakite Jasper bullet necklace with sterling silver beads and findings.

Leather cord - 18"

Bullet Pendant - 2 1/4"

Total length - 20 1/4"

Some interesting info about Unikite Jasper
One of the primary attributes of unakite is its association with physical healing. Practitioners often use this stone to support the body's natural healing processes. It is particularly noted for its supposed benefits to the reproductive system, making it a popular choice among women seeking fertility or a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Some believe that unakite can also aid in recovery after major illnesses or surgeries, potentially speeding up the healing and rejuvenation of tissues.
Besides its reproductive benefits, unakite is often linked to healthier skin and hair. Its nurturing energy is said to encourage a glow of vitality and wellness. Additionally, this stone is sometimes used to help with weight management, as it's believed to promote a healthy balance of bodily fluids and fat.